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Healing - Official Dead State Wiki

While it takes a while longer to heal in the Shelter than in the field, it can be absolutely necessary to prevent overuse of medical items, restore Max HP, and cure certain Status Effects.

Player characters who are resting in the Shelter heal 1 HP (and 1 lost Max HP) per hour in normal mode, and 1 HP per 2 hours in Hardcore mode, while allies heal more slowly, with 1 HP per 2 hours in normal mode and 1 HP per 4 hours in Hardcore mode. Building the Infirmary upgrade allows you to assign up to two characters with higher Medical skill there as either a Nurse (Medical skill 4-7) or a Doctor (8+). Each Nurse adds +2 HP healed per hour, while each Doctor adds +3 HP healed per hour. Once you have the Infirmary built, you can assign up to five allies to rest there and gain the benefit of the staff’s healing abilities – if the Infirmary is not staffed, you can still heal there for a 10% bonus to your daily healing speed.

(Please note that the Infirmary only heals people during the day – the support staff have to rest up as well – so your characters will be left with only their natural 1 HP per hour healing during the night.)

To use these items, you must drag them into a Medic Satchel in the inventory in order to "charge" the satchel with uses. Items you can use for this purpose include the following:

Bandages[edit | edit source]

  • A roll of bandages. Just enough to cover a wound.
  • Adds 1 Point to Satchel

Codeine[edit | edit source]

  • Container of powerful painkillers.
  • Adds 3 points to Satchel

Medical Kit[edit | edit source]

  • Comprehensive kit containing small versions of valuable medical items such a suturing thread, sterilizing agents, painkillers, clotting powder, and bandages.
  • Adds 5 points to Satchel

EMT Kit[edit | edit source]

  • A professional trauma bag containing medical-grade lifesaving equipment and supplies including medical sealants, compression bandages, mini-scalpel, bag valve masks, splints, and cold packs.
  • Adds 10 points to Satchel
  • Allies infected with the zombie virus die in three days unless given antibiotics.
  • Antibiotics can be scavenged or created in the Lab base upgrade.
  • In the standard mode of the game, the player cannot get infected. However, in the Player Infection mode, the player can get infected and will die if not given a daily dose of antibiotics.

Ammunition - Official Dead State Wiki

This is a list of all ammunition types in Dead State.

Ammo Type Used By Crafting (Job Board Assignment)
Arrow Compound Bow Machinist: Mechanical Skill [3], Workshop, Parts [5]Quantity made =
Bolt Crossbow, Platepiercer Machinist: Mechanical Skill [3], Workshop, Parts [5]Quantity made =
38 Ammo .38 Snubnose, Speed Loading .38, Antique Revolver, Lever-Action Rifle Chemist: Science Skill [5], Science Lab, Parts [3], Fuel [3.0]Quantity made = 5
9mm Ammo 9mm Pistol, Silenced 9MM, MSG-10, MK5, Suppressed MK5 Chemist: Science Skill [5], Science Lab, Parts [3], Fuel [3.0]Quantity made = 5
Shotgun Shells Hunting Shotgun, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Police Shotgun, SWAT Shotgun, Combat Shotgun, Sighted Shotgun Chemist: Science Skill [6], Science Lab, Parts [4], Fuel [3.0]Quantity made = 5
357 Magnum Bullets 357 Magnum, Long Barrel Magnum Chemist: Science Skill [7], Science Lab, Parts [4], Fuel [4.0]Quantity made = 5
5.56 Ammo MS4, Laser Sighted MS4 Chemist: Science Skill [7], Science Lab, Parts [4], Fuel [3.0]Quantity made = 5
762 Ammo Hunting Rifle, Sniper Rifle, AKA7, High Volume AKA7 Chemist: Science Skill [8], Science Lab, Parts [4], Fuel [3.0]Quantity made = 5

Upgrades - Official Dead State Wiki

Upgrades allow the Shelter to run more efficiently, provide more comfort for your allies, unlock new jobs, and basically make life in the post-apocalypse just a little bit better.

You can't build all the upgrades/unlock all the jobs immediately. It takes time, skill, and ally involvement to unlock some of them.

You may need certain tools in your possession to actually start certain upgrades. Check the Upgrade Items section of the Equipment page for more info. NOTE: You need to have the tools needed in the Shelter Storage, not in your Inventory or equipped on a character.

Within your project submenu of the job assignment screen, there's a list of upgrades that the selected character could start and others they can't because of lack of parts, requisites, or skill that are grayed out. Once you start a new project, it shows up as an active assignment on the job assignment board. You have to spend the parts/items to start the project and the project leader will be in charge of finishing that project. You can add more people to the job directly dragging them onto the project.

Different Allies will have different preferences when it comes to which upgrades they'd prefer to see: when the one they like is built, they'll gain a one-time Mood boost (and if they enter the Shelter to find it already built, they'll gain the boost immediately). Check their individual ally pages to see which they would prefer.

Not all of the upgrades need to be built: some are already working (like the Generator) and just need resources to run, the various fences require fixing (or it's game over!), and others can actually break. Keep an eye on each - and the requests from your fellow survivors - to find out which is the best one to make.

Chicken Coop[edit | edit source]

  • "The Chicken coop is a secure environment in which to raise chickens and harvest their eggs. For every chicken brought back to the coop, one egg will be harvested every day, providing a small but constant source of food. If food becomes scarce, the chickens can be eaten, though egg production will cease if the coop is empty. "
  • Do not loot chickens before you have a coop as they will be killed for fresh food then.
  • There is a maximum amount of chickens you can hold in the coop (8), every excess chicken will be killed for food.
  • Provides +1 Food/day per chicken in the coop.
  • REQUIRES: Mechanical skill (4), Parts (20)

Fortifications[edit | edit source]

  • "This is an automatic upgrade that allows the player and his allies to use the rest of the school without worrying about the basic security of the building."
  • Allows the school to house allies and be upgraded.
  • Automatically gained after first day of game.

Garage[edit | edit source]

  • "This upgrade converts a storage shed into a working garage. With the garage, mechanically-inclined types will be able to upgrade and fix cars, as well as create a specialty transport vehicle for emergency situations should the need to abandon the shelter arise."
  • Allows you to repair and upgrade the car.
  • REQUIRES: Mechanical skill (6), Pipe Wrench (1), Parts (36)

Generator[edit | edit source]

  • "As long as there is fuel, this emergency generator provides power to the shelter for a few hours a day. The luxury of being able to power electronics, appliances, and lights is a comfort to everyone in the shelter and makes the continual operation of the generator practically mandatory."
  • Generates power
  • Increases Morale +10/day
  • Uses 4 Fuel per day.
  • REQUIRES: Mechanical skill (4), Parts (10)
  • Automatically gained when starting game.

Greenhouse[edit | edit source]

  • "This upgrade to the rooftop garden encloses it in a glass structure that provides the perfect environment for plants. Gardening in the greenhouse yields more food per week than the standard garden."
  • +7 Morale per day. Provides 30 Food once a week.
  • Enables the "Farmer" Job for additional food per Farmer per day (maximum of 2 farmers for 14 bonus food per week; payout will be weekly with the normal food payout)
  • REQUIRES: Mechanical skill (6), Rooftop Garden, Welding Torch (1), Seed Packets (1), Parts (35)

Gym[edit | edit source]

  • "The school already had a gym, but with a few tweaks and some ingenuity, it can be used to train-up allies in the art of self-defense. Even after they've made some improvements, they can spend the day here to keep up their practice."
  • Gives characters who use it for 8 consecutive hours the Pumped buff.
  • REQUIRES: Mechanical skill (3), Dumbbell (1), Parts (27)

Infirmary[edit | edit source]

  • "The infirmary is built as close to hospital standards as possible to allow injured allies to recuperate properly. It also allows for the medically-inclined to patch up the wounded and treat serious status injuries. (Requires electricity to run)"
  • Can treat the wounded and sick, especially those with Persistent Status Effects.
  • Enables jobs “Doctor, Nurse, and Healing”.
  • REQUIRES: Medical skill (5), Mechanical Skill (2), Parts (31)

Mobile Radio[edit | edit source]

  • "This upgrade creates both a powerful antenna and a rechargeable mobile receiver to allow for orders to be relayed back to the shelter from out in the field."
  • The radio can be found under the "shelter" tap in the upper right corner
  • Allows the player to radio back to the shelter and reassign work assignments.
  • REQUIRES: Science skill (6), Parts (40)

Mushroom Patch[edit | edit source]

  • "Harvesting mushrooms is dangerous for those without a keen understanding of mycology, but since certain mushrooms can be harvested relatively easily and provide a lot of food, those with the skill to build the mushroom patch can benefit without risk. This upgrade builds a mushroom patch in the basement which will continually produce edible mushrooms once a week."
  • Enables the "Farmer" Job for additional food per Farmer per day (maximum of 2 farmers for 14 bonus food per week; payout will be weekly with the normal food payout)
  • 20 food per week (30 food per week if the player has the "Expert Gardener" Perk), 2 Morale per day
  • REQUIRES: Survival skill (8), Parts (18)

Rec Room[edit | edit source]

  • "This modification turns another of the school’s drab rooms into a lounge, giving the shelter’s residents another way to take their mind off their predicament. As long as the power’s on, allies can watch movies, play games, hang out, and read in a relaxing environment that is sound-proofed to keep out the constant reminder that the undead are all around them."
  • +10 Morale per day.
  • Enables the "Relax" Job for additional +1 mood for up to 4 persons
  • REQUIRES: Mechanical skill (5), DVD Player (1), DVDs (1), Parts (36)

Recycler[edit | edit source]

  • "This upgrade allows you to feed in unused equipment and weapons to create parts."
  • Allows the player to swap out unused items for parts.
  • REQUIRES: Science skill (6), Toolbox (1), Parts (36)

Refrigerator[edit | edit source]

  • "While the school had a huge fridge in the cafeteria, it seemed to be malfunctioning. Once fixed (and as long as there is power), the refrigerator will prevent certain kinds of food from spoiling and therefore extend the quantity that can be yielded from them before spoilage."
  • Preserves certain foods, extending the duration until they expire
  • Mechanical skill (3), Parts (5)

Reinforced Fence[edit | edit source]

  • "Fence Strength extended to 200 HP. This upgrade uses concrete and scrap metal to further reinforce the shelter's fence. It’s extremely durable and should slow down even the largest mobs of undead or humans. The inhabitants of the shelter should feel a lot better with this in place."
  • Fence Strength extended to 200 HP. +5 Morale per day. Keeps zombies out. If a fence is not repaired in 3 Days, the Shelter is overrun with zombies and it is game over.
  • The fence will be attacked by zombies and looters regulary. Depending on your Guards on duty - a job gained through the watchtower- these attacks will inflict damage on the Fence. Every fence upgrade sets the durability back to 100% once it finishes!
  • REQUIRES: Mechanical skill (6), Bag of Cement (1), Wood Fence, Parts (72)

Rooftop Garden[edit | edit source]

  • "The rooftop garden provides a safe and productive environment to grow vegetables and herbs for the shelter. Once a week, the garden will be harvested automatically, giving a small but continual bonus to food stores."
  • Produces 20 food per week, increases morale 5 per day.
  • Enables the "Farmer" Job for additional food per Farmer per day (maximum of 2 farmers for 14 bonus food per week; payout will be weekly with the normal food payout)
  • Some allies will have their mood increased when tending the garden.
  • REQUIRES: Survival skill (5), Well, Seed Packets (1), Parts (13)

Science Lab[edit | edit source]

  • "The science lab modifies one of the classrooms in the school into a laboratory/research facility for the creation and modification of various items. With this feature, the shelter's more scientifically-inclined members will have the space and tools to study and possibly develop new defenses and ways of coping with the virus. (Requires electricity to run)"
  • Enables the creation of Antibiotics, Thrown Items, and Ammunition with the jobs.
  • REQUIRES: Science skill (5), Mechanical Skill (3), Microscope (1), Parts (36)

Shooting Range[edit | edit source]

  • "The shooting range allows allies to be trained in the proper use of a firearm. Even after they've learned the basica, additional practice can help keep their skills sharp."
  • Gives the Aimed buff to an ally after 8 hours of consecutive usage.
  • REQUIRES: Mechanical skill (3), .38 Snubnose (1), .38 Ammo (40), Parts (31)

Toilets[edit | edit source]

  • "No one can fully appreciate the luxury of modern waste disposal until it breaks. Working toilets do more for the sanity and sanitation of the shelter than anyone would have thought. It is worth it to keep these running at any cost."
  • +5 Morale when working. -5 when broken.
  • Mechanical skill (3), Parts (15)
  • Automatically gained when starting game.

Watchtower[edit | edit source]

  • "This watchtower will allow the shelter to spot the dead or living before they start attacking the fence. Dedicated allies can prevent damage to the fence by being posted to guard duty. Just having a watchtower makes people feel safer."
  • Enables the job “Guard Duty” for up to 4 persons, reducing damage to the fence in attacks and giving bonus morale for each guard.
  • Increases morale +5/day.
  • REQUIRES: Mechanical skill (3), Claw Hammer (1), Parts (22)

Well[edit | edit source]

  • "Utilizing a plugged well on the property, this upgrade restores the functionality of the well and rigs it up to deliver fresh water as needed to the inhabitants of the shelter. The cold, pure water not only provides the most important subtance for physical health, but puts a lot of minds at ease too."
  • Improves Morale +5/day, provides +1 Food/day.
  • REQUIRES: Mechanical skill (5), Crowbar (1), Parts (30)

Wire Fence[edit | edit source]

  • "Fence Strength = 100 HP. This fence is made of aluminum wire. Due to the constant presence of undead, the stress of their weight will cause it to buckle sooner than other types of fences. While it is weak, it will keep them out for enough time to erect a stronger fence."
  • Durability = 100 HP. Keeps zombies out. If a fence is not repaired in 3 days, the Shelter is overrun with zombies and it is game over.
  • The fence will be attacked by zombies and looters regulary. Depending on your Guards on duty - a job gained through the watchtower- these attacks will inflict damage on the Fence. Every fence upgrade sets the durability back to 100% once it finishes!
  • Automatically gained when starting game.

Wood Fence[edit | edit source]

  • "Fence Strength extended to 150 HP. This modification reinforces the wire fence. Wooden beams are used to brace the fence and add an additional layer of protection against outside threats getting into the shelter."
  • Increases the amount of damage the fence can withstand to 150HP (+50)
  • The fence will be attacked by zombies and looters regulary. Depending on your Guards on duty - a job gained through the watchtower- these attacks will inflict damage on the Fence. Every fence upgrade sets the durability back to 100% once it finishes!
  • REQUIRES: Mechanical skill (4), Wire Fence, Claw Hammer, Parts (45)

Workshop[edit | edit source]

  • "This workshop is filled with everything the shelter could need to construct or machine any number of objects. As a former art room, the workshop contains a kiln that can be used to manufacture ceramics and heat metal."
  • Allows the construction/upgrade of weapons, armor, and thrown items by assinging the machinist job.
  • REQUIRES: Mechanical skill (5), Toolbox (1), Parts (25)

Dead State Walkthrough for PC by gruntw0rk

_____ _ _____ _ _ | __ | | / ____| | | | | | | | | ___ __ __| | | (___ | |_ __ _ | |_ ___ | | | | / _ / _` | / _`| ___ | __| / _` | | __| / _ | |__| | | __/ | (_| | |(_| | ____) | | |_ | (_| | | |_ | __/|____/ ___| __,_| __,_| |_____/ |__| __,_ |__| ___|

WalkthroughCopyright DoubleBear Productions 2014Written By: Rod StillE-mail: [email protected] 1.0


Early Game

Day 1: When creating a new character I recommend you don't neglect strength. Even if you aren't a melee character you'll find that the need to ferry materials from one location to another is very reliant on your strength. I also suggest you go hard on Negotiation. Someone else can make a min/max FAQ to help you determine how to build your character otherwise. Create your character and begin the game when ready.Congratulations on surviving the plane crash. You'll be in the midst of the tutorial just after starting the game and watching the opening scene. Go ahead and follow the on screen tutorial and kill your first zombie. When you've escaped you'll go ahead and collapse in the arms of the Sherrif. The game really starts after this. Waking up in the shelter of a school basement you'll meet your first group of survivors.Of course the first thing this group of survivors will do is look to you to fix all their problems. The first choice you'll be presented with is to take either Renee or her mother Anita on your first foray beyond the school. You should take Renee. Her healing ability will make things much easier. Anita will not be pleased. Too bad for her. Now that you have control make sure to loot the bag in the basement and the many lockers inside the school. (Press Z to see a little loot box icon over lootable containers) Additional lockers are located on the second floor and extra gas can be found in the car outside. When you've collected everything go to the storage area, by the stairs where you came up from the basement. Put away everything but one weapon, I find blunt to be better than sharp weapons, and some bandages if you've got some. Before you leave make sure to go upstairs and talk to Elaine. You'll want to talk to her once a day and try to be as nice as possible in order to keep her in the world of the living.Your first visit to the map will have revealed to you your first destination, Llano Commercial. Go ahead and travel to it. On the way you should uncover two other locations.

------Llano Commercial -----Try not to fire Joel's pistol in this map if you can. You shouldnt have to rely on it here anyway. As you make noise your meter in the top left goes up, as it goes up more zombies are attracted to your location. If you ever hit 200 then you'll be quickly surrounded by zombies coming from every exit. If you are going to use the gun be sure that you reload it before combat, that way you don't spend AP during the fight to do so.You'll begin by sneaking up on a zombie. It's a pretty easy fight. Go in to the hardware store in front of you. There are two zombies inside. One in the back room and one in the last aisle of the store. If you approach the one in the back aisle from the back part of the store you'll have an easier time getting multiple attackers on it. Once you've cleared the store you can techincally head back to the school as you'll have the parts and toolbox. I'm going to recommend however you keep gathering. There is a limited amount of time available to you in this game and you are best off maximizing the early days. A tougher fight lies ahead if you choose to continue exploring. 3 zombies by a cop car across the street make for your first real attempt at combat. Make sure your tougher characters are taking the most attacks and try to focus fire the zombies, 2 half dead zombies do a lot more damage than one dead and one live zombie. Inside the cafe where you fought the three zombies is your first encounter with a survivor. She can be a bit dangerous if you havent taken a healer with you but just try to lead into the fight with a healthier survivor and then focus fire her down. Finish collecting the goodies and head to any exit to go to the next location.

-----Downtown Splendid-----Once again you can head directly back to the school but if you want to maximize your time in the early days I suggest you hit Downtown Splendid. This place can be really tough so be careful and be prepared to load a few times. First raid the grocery store for the bit of food you can find then save your game. Go across the street, to the building with the alarm flashing on it, and move forward slowly with your healthiest character. Somewhere near the street light you'll trigger a group of, hopefully, only two people. Sit back and let them run to you and you'll have a much easier time. Try to get them both down before the melee guy takes out his shotgun. You'll want to avoid getting blasted by that. Once you've dealt with those two go into the parking lot with the two police cars and move behind the building. You should have recovered a nice two handed weapon from the first enemy. This makes an excellent bashing tool for the locked door you'll find on the building near the police cars in the back. I suggest you bash the door only a single time, this causes noise that should bring a third enemy right to you. Take him out quick then go back to bashing the door. Try and take it slow, the amount of noise you make will deteriorate over by half every few seconds. Don't cause over 85 or so. When you break in make sure to loot everything. Your last human enemy is around the front of this building between two cars. If you have the health take him out. By the time you are done with this map you should have guns for everyone, though ammo is an issue.

-----School-----Once back home you'll be sent straight to bed. Once you feel like you've talked to everyone go ahead and sleep in your bed upstairs. In the morning go downstairs and talk to Davis to be introduced to the Job Board. Put a few people on the fence and keep a 3 man group to go exploring. Make sure to talk to Elaine again before you go anywhere.

-----Old Neighborhood-----It's time to start recruiting survivors. You can wander the map and get them as you find them but I suggest you follow this guide instead as there are many times that you must get a certain survivor before a certain day or they will die and others that can only be recruited on a certain day. For now head south west of Splendid along Rte 377 to find the Old Neighboorhood and your first really good range specialist. The first building on the left side of the street holds plenty of goodies. If you do bash the door here expect a zombie to come running. It's worth it though since it's just one zombie. Make sure to get the gas in the grill on the back porch. Now on the right side of the street you'll find a number of dead zombies to loot. Go ahead and enter the house through the side door but be prepared to talk rather than fight. Bud needs to hear that his wife isn't going to get better. He knows as much but he needs to hear you say it. This will help him snap out of his rut. Once you've recruited Bud go ahead and loot his house, he wont be needing these things anymore. Time to head back to the school.

-----Random Encounters-----Be prepared to encounter random things as you travel the world. I can't really guide you through these since I have no idea when you'll happen upon them. Just do your best in any combat and try to loot everything you can or recruit anyone you run across. If you run across fruit trees or bushes go ahead and forage if you have the time. You have to be home before 3am or your survivors lose a lot of morale. One thing to watch out for, at some point you'll get an encounter called A Cheery House. The man inside is Grant. Recruit him, because you want the achievement, then when you get home take him for a "walk". Take him out unarmed and unarmored and turn on him at the first opportunity. You see, Grant is a killer. He will kill someone at the shelter if you let him. Up to you but I don't like sleeping next to murderers.

-----School-----Go ahead and head back, make sure to stock any extra weapons you picked up and disburse them as you see fit. After you sleep you'll be presented with an opportunity from Davis. There is another survivor in the shelter but he needs antibiotics. Luckily he knows just where to send you to get some. You'll now find the Brady Pharmacy on your map a bit north of Splendid. Don't forget to talk to Elaine again before you leave. If the Fence is finished then you should start working on the well.

-----Brady Pharmacy-----Quickly head to the first building you see, moving around the back. Fight a zombie by the motorcycle, then another by the car. Move between the buildings to the front area of the shopping complex and clear out the zombies one by one. Once you've cleared the outside save your game and be ready to enter the pharmacy. 2 looters are inside, one with a handgun. Be prepared for gunshots to draw more undead and always be on the lookout for dead looters to turn into undead looters. Once you've cleared out the pharmacy go ahead and move to the back of the pizzaria. Kill the lone zombie here then bash the back door. Try to bash it so that none of your guys are in line of sight of whoever is inside. If you are lucky and quick you should be able to get a free shot on the looter who comes waltzing out. Once you've finshed him off go ahead and loot everything not nailed down and head back to the school.

-----School-----Be sure to talk to Davis when you get back and let him know that you've got the medical supplies. If you don't specifically tell him he'll just let your patient die. In the morning Joel should give you an opportunity to check out a supermarket. You'll need the food so this is a good time to get it. Collect your party, set the jobs for the day, talk to Elaine and head out.

-----Mason Supermarket-----Food. It's surprisingly very important, who would have thought? Time to get some. Head to the supermarket south west of Splendid. Start by clearing the zombies in the parking lot. You should be able to down them one at a time. Once you've finished clearing the outside save your game and head into the supermarket. This can be a tough fight with 6 zombies in close quarters. Try to lure the zombies out so that you have multiple attackers on 1 zombie and are always ready to get a zombie off of a fallen comrade so that they don't die. When you've cleared the zombies it's time for looting. Make sure to loot the restaraunt too. Next up is the drug store. There are 4 zombies here but you should be able to lure them out when you bash the front door. Once you've looted everything head to an area exit and save your game.

-----Truck Stop-----It's time to grab more survivors. Almost due south of Splendid, just off of Rte 87, is a truck stop. Go ahead and loot the trucks and cars in the parking lot then move toward the fast food place. Clear out behind the place and then start looting inside. Next up is the diner. Here you'll find a wary individual behind an indestructible door. Though the door can't be bashed it isn't locked, open it right up. If you talk nicely to him you'll recruit three survivors. Two of them are useless, at least for now, but Corbeau is a good person to have running your kitchen. Save up and head for home.

-----School-----In the morning you should gain yet another survivor, although a bit of an annoying one at times. Additionally, Davis should put you in charge and Corbeau should offer to take over the kitchen. Talk to Elaine again and unequip the three new recruits, they wont be going out with you much so they don't need gear. Now is a good opportunity to make your first luxury sweep. Go to your storage and take out every luxury good you have. These can be found under the unique tab, things like chocalates and whiskey. Then go around and talk to everyone in the shelter asking if there is anything you can do to improve their morale. If they mention something that you have go ahead and give it to them, otherwise ignore it. You can prioritize those with the lowest morale first, which you can find by hitting the G key. After your done with that you should make sure to spend any unspent skill points, hit the C key, and talk to everyone. If you've taken a bit of a beating thus far you may want to take a rest day to regain HP. If you are good then move to the next section. If you do rest then you should have a man, covered in blood, appear at the front gates. Take him in and he'll be receiving treatment for awhile. Make sure to put Ryan on English teaching duty. It's very important that you finish that up as soon as possible.

-----Soaring Eagle Resort-----This may as well be a two day trip. It's going to take you a day to get there and back and it's going to require you to rest the next day to get rid of the fatigue but it's worth it. All the way west on the map right where the 67 meets the edge of the map you'll find the Soaring Eagle. It's filled with loot, has no zombies and has a good hospitality person who is all too eager to come with you.

-----School-----Rest and then you'll see that your fatigue status has carried over the night. You can go out with it but I recommend against it. Besides we're just about to stock up on some things so you can spare a day. You should also see the complete recovery of Elaine at this point. You can turn her into a couselor or a fighter. Frankly she's not much good at either so go ahead and choose what you see fit. If you do rest for another day you'll wake up to find that you have a new survivor. Vic. It's a challenge working with him but he's a pretty good shot so it's worth keeping him around. He should outright replace Joel in your party from this point on. Make sure to equip him with a melee weapon.

-----Scrapyard-----East of Splendid and just a bit south along the 281 you'll find the scrapyard. There are a ton of zombies here but if you are careful you should be able to get them in small groups of 2-3. This place is tough so be sure to quick save after every fight. When you've finally killed all the zombies go into the house and look for a stray dog. Be careful with it, try and look for things around that it might like. Namely, the pillow. When you say pepper pillow the dog will react, turns out the dogs name is Pepper. Once you've looted everything that's not nailed down you should have a large amount of gas and parts. This will be very important shortly. Next up we need a quick stop at a garage.

-----Carmichael's Garage-----There are no zombies here so go ahead and loot the surrounding area. Then go to the garage. Inside you'll find Jodie. He's, uhh..special. He's also a mechanical genuis and you badly need him. It takes some convincing but you should be able to recruit him. Once you've got him and looted everything inside head back to the shelter.

-----School-----Once you are back you have the mechanical skill and the parts to start work on the Recycler. This is a very important upgrade to your base and you'll want to get it working as soon as possible. Be sure to throw everyone on who isn't busy with other things. In the morning you'll meet one of the best melee characters in the game, Max. He'll want to run out and kill, convince him to stay instead. Now is a good time to get Bud to work on the rooftop gardens and put Max in the party to replace him. Dont bother giving Max a gun, he's useless with them. Everyone should be in your party, working on the recycler or working on the rooftop garden. Except for Pepper. Her job is to be awesome.

-----Bargain Owl Supermarket-----North, and slightly east, along the 183 you'll find the Bargain Owl. Just outside there is a large pack of zombies. Try to take them out quietly and without taking much damage. Then you'll want to move inside. There are 4 coyotes in here and they are all armed with guns. You'll be hard pressed to take them down without using guns yourself. I doubt this is winnable without hitting 200dB and bringing in zombie adds so be prepared for a long, tough fight. Once you've won and looted everything inside go ahead and loot the entire map. Time to head home for the night.

-----School-----Vic should approach you in the morning and let you know that you have 2 weeks to reinforce the fence. He is right, a good fence is the best fence. At this point you might be pretty banged up though so lets do a few easier maps for the time being.

-----Llano Residential-----Just southeast of Splendid you'll find a little neighborhood. The house on the right as you enter has a few zombies and a little loot. The house across the street from that with zombies in front of it is occupied by a very paranoid man who is armed with a shotgun and won't appreciate it if you break his door down. Do so at your own risk. The final house has a locked front door but the back door is wide open. Inside are 3 looters, one with a revolver.

-----School-----Rest and redistribute loot, then head out.

-----Renovated Farmhouse-----Along the route west to the Soaring Eagle you passed a farmhouse between the 87 and 190. Time to head back there. Kill the zombies out front then grab the Cement from the truck. You'll need this to reinforce the fence. Then move to the barn, the back door is already open so go around. Clear out the zombies and loot the containers. Then move to the chicken coop and hope you get yourself a chicken. If there is a chicken go ahead and leave it here, come back for it after you've built the chicken coop. Inside the main house you'll find a large number of looters including a dog. Dogs are no fun. They are super fast and can do a lot of damage very quickly. Take out those on the top floor and loot. Quicksave before you go down to the basement as 3 more looters await, 2 with guns. Once you've looted everything inside go outside and loot as much as you can. If you can't get it all it's ok, since you have to come back for the chicken later anyway. Just stash some things you can't carry home in the coop.

-----School-----You should have the materials now to upgrade to the wooden reinforced fence so go ahead and start it if you can.

-----Bison Street-----Just north east of Splendid is Bison Street. The first house you come across on your left is filled with looters. It's a tough fight against three guns so be careful before you go in. The house across the street just has a single zombie. Beyond the wall there is a strip mall. There are a few zombies around outside. Inside the burger place you'll find a single looter with a gun. After you've looted the map it's time to head back home.

-----School-----Just a quick stop in to sleep, then head back out.

-----Fairchild's Organics-----Far to the north between the 283 and the 183 lies a farm. Outside you'll find a few zombies that are pretty spread out. Clear them out then loot all the fruit trees. Inside the house are a few more zombies and some loot. Get it all and head back to the school.

-----School-----Get some rest and in the morning you'll find two people at the gate ready to join up. Todd is a bit of a pain but Priscilla makes up for it. You should be able to have the watchtower building by this point. Time to head out and get some horses.

-----Equestrian Stables-----You can find this map to the far north west, a bit west of the 277. Be prepared for a fight to get your horses and this will likely be another two day trip. Outside you'll encounter an attack dog and a survivalist. Even these two can be a bit tough and it gets worse from here. Inside are two heavilly armed survivalists. One with a good shotgun and one with a crossbow. Make sure to take both and all the food and other items in the house after you've dropped them. Next is to bash your way into the backyard. Here you'll find two more dogs and a bowman. Another survivalist hides in the barn. Once you've killed them and looted everything go over to the gate near the chicken coop. Interact with it and you'll meet some horses. Go ahead and take them with you.

-----School-----Rest for the two days necessary to get rid of your fatigue and on the morning after the second sleep you should have a meeting regarding the water purification system. I suggest you make it a priority, you have plenty of resources to spare, and it'll result in a morale boost. Then we'll head out for another scavanger trip, this time with horses.

-----Abilene Bullseye-----Far north, just south of the A in Abilene you'll find the Bullseye. There are a number of zombies out front, go ahead and clear them out. After that go around to the back and break the door down. Inside is Clifford. I hate Clifford but then I want all the characters so I guess invite him along. Once you've looted everything we can leave here. You should still have plenty of room for carrying stuff and be pretty ok on health at this point so we'll hit another store.

-----Diamondback Garden-----North of Abilene is the Diamondback Garden store. There are zombies around the area, try to clear them when you see them. There are also a number of looters armed with guns at the garden supply store itself.

-----School-----Nothing to see here. Sleep and move out.

-----Chunk Bros Factory-----Right in the middle of the word Junction southwest of Splendid is the Chunk Bros Factory. 8 looters are waiting outside the factory for you. Several are carrying guns so expect zombies to come from behind too. Try and lure them to you and take them out. Once you've dropped them all get all of your sweet, pudding filled loot. Make sure to break into the storage garages too.

-----School-----By now you should be finishing up the reinforced fence. If you have Negotiation of at least 6 then you should be ready to go on the next mission, if not come back to it later.

-----Pleasent Oaks Summer Camp-----You can find the camp east of the 281 sign a bit southeast of Splendid. Be nice to the man in charge, Ben, and he'll allow you to revisit the camp and even take a walk around inside. Walk straight past him and back to the back of their camp and you'll see two women standing by a building. This is Sara and Mia and we're here to recruit them. Talk to Sara until they give you the option to take them along. They'll want you to clear it with Ben. If you have 6 negotiation this whole exchange shouldn't be a problem. Since we haven't really done much today we can make some more forays. The next place can be kind of a pain so feel free to skip it if you want to.

-----Fort Locks Storage-----You can find this southwest of PLeasent Oaks, along the 290. There are a few zombies around and a single survivalist camping in the garages. Lots of garages here to open, the loot may or may not be worth the zombies that you'll spawn to get at it but I like to take everything anyway.

-----School-----Back home, should be some people wanting things from you in the morning. If you managed to pick up Paul you should make sure he's outfitted with your best ranged weapons as he's one of the best shots in the game. You should be able to start your greenhouse and infirmary by around this point. The party I use while Renee is building the Infirmary is Player, Max, Paul and Vic. Time to head out.

-----Menard Strip Mall-----You can find this due west of the school. There are a bunch of bikers outside looking to break the heads of some looters that are hiding inside. This is a bit of a tough one so approach carefully. Once you've looted everything you should have one of the better melee weapons in the game imo, the railroad hammer. You need an 8 strength character to use it though so for now it's pretty much just Max.

-----School-----At this point I had quests for the English to Japanese dictionary and the Abortion kit. I'm going to go ahead and do that now. If you don't have the quests you can still get the items for when you do get them.

-----Small Clinic-----This is southeast of Splendid, north of Austin along the 183. There are a ton of zombies in this little building so be careful with noise. You should get a decent haul here. Next we're going to head to a big map.

Mid Game

-----Lampasas Shelter-----You should have this revealed already. It's due east of Splendid where several roads meet. There are dozens of zombies on this map. Be very careful with noise, it's very easy to get surrounded here. At first we're here to get the dictionary and clear out every single zombie on the map. This will take awhile. We'll handle looting on subsequent trips since you can't possibly carry everything in one go. Once you've killed every single mob you can find check the library for the dictionary. If it isn't there don't dispair. We'll hit another location where it might be after we are done with the shelter. After that just loot everything you can and head back to the school.

-----School-----Go ahead and unload and rest for the night. Then get a fresh party together with a lot of carry weight. Something like Max, Anita and Paul or Vic. Take their armor and heavy weapons off. If you get a random encounter on the way back to the shelter you can just reload your save from here and try again.

-----Lampasas Shelter-----You should be able to loot everything thats left in one go but if you need two trips that's fine. Just be sure to save after you are full of loot and before you leave, in case you run into any random encounters.

-----School-----Unload everything. You should have some shiny new toys. We'll save them for when it's time to go to the military bunker. Save all the 5.56 and 7.62 ammo and guns for when we're given the location by Paul. Go ahead and give the abortion kit to Karen if you want to. Then we'll look some more for that dictionary.

-----Pleasant Street Library-----South of the shelter and east of the rte 87 sign is the Library. There are a group of survivalists here so take them out. Once you are ready bash your way into the library and loot everything. Hopefully you'll get the dictionary here if you didn't get it at Lampasas. The only other spawn point I know of is a bookstore in the Austin Outskirts and I don't want to go there just yet.

-----School-----Give Ryan the dictionary and get ready to head out again.

-----I 20 Rest Stop-----This time we're heading far north east, right next to the rte 20 sign. There are a good number of zombies here but the real threat is the large gang of coyotes. Take em all out and enjoy the nice stash of gasoline at one of the pumps.

-----School-----You should be finished with the infirmary today, if you are close but not quite finished try going out and foraging somewhere. I started work on the Reinforced fence and chicken coop at this point. You should have about 10 days stock of food and gas at this point and maybe a months worth of antibiotics. It's time to do some more recruiting.

-----Downtown San Saba-----North east of the shelter, near the rte 190 sign you'll get your first two new recruits. There are a ton of zombies around. If you are feeling healthy you could take a shot at one to lure them all to you. It's just a thought. Anyway once you've cleared the zombies break into the pharmacy. As soon as you do Oscar will come running threatening to kill you. You need high medical, high negotiation or Renee in your party to recruit them.

-----School-----You should notice that in your evening recap screen you've used an antibiotic. Yep, Melina Guzman is infected. It's ok though because Oscar is a pretty good dude.

-----Dublin Bar-----The bar can be found along the road to Stephenville. No enemies here, just Aggro. She's got an attitude but she'll join you if you play nice.

-----Wicked Lily-----We're going to a tatoo shop for another recruit. This time we're heading north west of Splendid along the 83. Again no enemies, just a little loot and one very scared survivor. Play it cool and bring her along.

-----School-----Time to drop stuff off. Make sure to unequip your new recruits and give them jobs. Sleep for the night. In the morning you should have Regina appear at the front gates. She wants in and brings a good mix of skills with her so go ahead and let her in.

-----Friendly Fred's-----This can be found far to the north, above the I 20, between Abilene and Stephenville. There are looters looking to kill a young woman. Kill them and save her. Be nice to her and she'll join up with you.

-----School-----In the morning Fiona should ask you where you want her to specialize. I always choose shelter because there are more capable fighters than she is. Also if you listen to the radio today, the day after Regina showed up, it'll talk about a plane. This is the only day you can recruit the character that was flying said plane so let's get to it.

-----Hamilton Airfield-----You can find this map southeast of Stephenville right next to the rte 281 marker. No enemies here, just a little loot and one very demanding survivor. If you negotiate with him he'll come along and even point you to a few spots on the map he knows of. You'll have to pay him in food to use him but he is incredibly useful when you do. He has the best combat stats in the game, he is as good with a hammer as he is with a gun. Just try not to use him much or he'll eat you out of house and home.

-----School-----In the morning you should be confronted by the motorcycle gang the Coyotes. They want Regina or food and gas. I suggest you give them nothing, we can take these fools. I suggest you pay Lloyd his 5 food and take him, Vic and Paul with you to take on the Coyotes.

-----Coyotes Headquarters-----The Coyotes HQ is in the middle of Stephenville. Let's go hunting. There are lots of bad dudes here with big guns and a decent number of zombies too. One good strategy is to fight the first few Coyotes from across the fence, this will draw the zombies out of their holding pen and into the Coyotes yard. Once the zombies are engaged with the Coyotes move in behind them and take as many Coyotes down as you can before they take out the zombies. This makes it quite a bit easier to take this place down. You will have to take multiple trips to loot everything here so we'll take some time here.

-----School-----Unload then go ahead and make a second trip to the Coyotes HQ. Sleep and in the morning you'll be told that your Coyote problem has been dealt with. Go ahead and make another trip or two to the HQ if you need to. We'll take the day to rest otherwise. After you are done with that let's go recruit two more people.

-----KHCK Radio Station-----This is all the way west, west of San Angelo. No enemies here, just a smelly DJ. Get him to come with you and grab his stuff.

-----Mansion-----Next up is Sandy's Mansion. North east of San Angelo is the Mansion. Go around back and break in. Inside is a shotgun toting Sandy. Convince her to come with you. She's got lots of loot to bring home too.

-----School-----Sandy wants to be part of your small council. Bleh. Anyway, let's head out.

-----Vegetable Farm-----Far north east, north of stephenville is the vegetable farm. There are a number of coyotes on the map, many in tight quarters, so this can be kinda tough. All the fresh food is nice though.

-----School------Keep building upgrades, unload stuff and sleep.

-----Supply Warehouse-----This building is near Stephenville, just below the rte 67 sign. This one is already being looted by Coyotes so you'll need to fight them for the loot. Get what you need and get out.

-----Coleman-----While you are up here go ahead and stop in on Coleman. You'll be told to go the heck away. You could choose to assault the place but I just avoided it.

-----School-----If you've finished the car by now go ahead and fuel it up and get ready to use it. It's not necessary but you might want to use it at least once. Load up your best party with AKA7's and a Hunting Rifle. Have everyone's second slot be taken up by Nerve gas if you have enough. We're going to try to get some real armor.

-----The Shops at the Will-----This mission requires some finesse, a bit of luck and lots of fighting. In the end though it will be totally worth it. From the entrance go forward a bit until you see a black SUV in the street. Follow that street down to the end and save near the wall of the shops. As soon as you try to pass between the two rows of shops a soldier will spot you and attack. Space yourself out the first turn rather than worry about attacking much because these guys carry grenades. Then when a few of them are in a small area hit them with nerve gas. This is very important, enemies on the ground are easier to hit and aren't wrecking your face. If they get up, hit them with more nerve gas. Be prepared for a whole lot of zombie adds from every direction. Once you've got them down quick save and equip each of your guys with the Tactical armor the soldiers were wearing. It's really good stuff, it makes you really strong against zombies and reduces all damage from guns as well.

-----School-----At this point you should get Paul to tell you where the old Military Base is, north of Coleman. Let's go check it out.

-----Old Military Base-----This is just north of the 283 near Abilene. There are tons of zombies above ground. Clear them out and loot the buildings. Avoid going downstairs in the little shack in the back. The enemies down there are too tough for us right now.

-----School-----Take a quick rest then time for more looting.

-----Old General Store-----This is north along the 283. There are looters all over, the ones with small arms probably can't do much to you now so take out the SMG looters quick and dispense with the others afterwords. Loot everything then do a quick stop by the school to drop everything off before we head out again.

-----Freedom Lane Apartments-----Along the 377 south of Junction you can find this map. This place will likely take you a couple of trips. I suggest you clear with one team then come back with a carrying team, like Anita, Regina and Mia. One good way to clear is to make a bunch of noise in the center building and then watch as the zombies and looters go to war.

-----School-----Sleep then switch to your carry team for the Freedom Lane Apartments return trip.

-----Freedom Lane Apartments-----Loot.

-----School-----Drop and head out.

-----Old Church-----You can find this right near Splendid. There are zombies but nothing else. Quick and easy mission.

-----School-----Be wary of Fiona. If you lead her on she'll eventually go nuts. If she comes to you be a bit dismissive with her so that she loses her obssession with you. At this point I have the mission to get Ryan his asthma medicine. I'll take care of that now.

-----Parklife Clinic-----This is near where the 183 meets the 67 north of the shelter. We're here becuase this is where Ryan suggests we can find his meds but I didn't find them here so be aware. There is a quik-e-mart with survivalists inside, they are a bit tough so be prepared. Clear and loot the map then head back to the school for drop off.

-----Country Clinic-----This clinic is to the west, north of the rte 190 sign. There are tons of zombies and a couple of survivalists on this map. The asthma medice can be found here if not in the other clinic.

-----School-----Another drop, sleep and go.

-----Menard Graveyard-----This is where the 83 meets the 190 west of Splendid. We're just here to recruit Nathan. Not much to see otherwise. He's in the church and is eager to go with you.

-----Foree Outlet Mall-----You can find this map west of Junction. This place is filled with zombies and has looters and bad cops to go with them. The loot is pretty good though so it's worth it. Be ready to make 2 trips.

-----School-----At this point you should be pretty much done with upgrades and only have a few characters left to recruit, most of which we have to wait for. Our objective at this point is to keep enough supplies to get us through to the end game. Let's stock up.

-----Fort Stockton Emergency Shelter-----This shelter is far south west of Splendid. It's currently being looted by some rogue commandos. This is another tough fight so make sure to use your big guns. This will be a two trip map since the armor the commandos carry weighs so much. If you get really lucky you'll find some Tactical Vest Advanced as well.

-----School-----Take an extra day to recover from fatigue and then we'll get going again.

-----Gated Community-----Let's go south of Hamilton Airfield, east of the shelter near where the 281 and 84 meet. A quick shot at a zombie here will bring about 20 of them on top of you, let's have some fun. Be prepared though after they are down to be ambushed from behind by a large group of coyotes. Loot everything you can and head home.

-----School-----Lets get a foraging group together. I suggest Max, Bud and Priscilla. Head to a nearby forage spot or two and hit them up for fresh food, then sleep.

-----Paradise Apartments-----North of San Angelo, near the rte 87 sign is the apartments. There are survivalists in the quik-e-mart and zombies all around. Clear and loot.

-----School-----After sleeping you should have a man from the military appear at the gates claiming to be part of an advanced recon unit that needs supplies in exchange for evac for your survivors. You will then have a meeting. You should negotiate here if you have the option, giving them half of what they are asking for. You don't really want to help him out considering he's a fraud but you don't learn that until later ;)

-----Winters Emergency Shelter-----Let's check out the final shelter around here. It's north west of the school near the 83. There are lots of zombies and lots of loot here. Be prepared to make two trips.

-----School-----Just a quick stop to sleep then we go.

-----Runnin' Terrior Winery-----This is in the north east corner of the map. No enemies, just a little loot. Mostly we take this trip to get a random encounter possibility. We're looking for Troy. He's been recruitable for a couple of days but he wont be once we go to war with the militia.

-----Burnet Strip Mall-----Lets hit this spot on the way back. It's by the 281. You should interrupt a war between Coyotes and everyone else. Join in and take them all out.

-----School-----Same old, same old.

-----Trailer Park-----Lets try to get Troy on the way to the Trailer park, near Austin. Not much here, just some loot and to talk to.

Late Game

-----School-----Let's get the best shooting party together that you can field. Plus take all your mines, toxic gas and hand grenades. Let's go to the Old Army Base basement and take out the soldiers there.

-----Old Army Base-----It's a tough fight no matter what but if you go downstairs and put mines on the right path to protect against soldiers coming from behind and throw gas early on the left side you should be able to come out on top. This will be a two trip situation as well to carry back all that heavy armor.

-----School-----Check in and sleep. Put your best shooting team together and lets hit up end game content.

-----Austin Outskirts-----Let's head down to Austin. Break into the bookstore on the right side. If you try to go upstairs in the back of the store you'll talk to a survivor. If you have negotiation 8 she'll show you a shortcut that you should take. If you don't get the shortcut you'll have to fight through the mall. This part is where things get tricky. If you don't have negotiation 8 you'll be behind in the rest of the walkthrough. Be aware. After you get into the hotel you'll find a ton of Merc's The good news is that they have amazing armor if when you kill them. Go ahead and grab what they've got, get some supplies from this level and then head back home to unload.

-----School-----You might, like me, get two crisis events here. One about an attempted rape the other about a sickness. If you get the rape event I suggest you throw out the rapist, or you lose the victim. If you get the flu crises make the best party you can, equip them with your best gear and head back to Austin.

-----Austin Outskirts-----One more trip, one more floor, one more set of loot. Head back after you clear the floor and get the loot. We'll do this a little at a time, it'll make it easier.

-----School-----Sleep and in the morning you should have two people appear at the gate looking to trade with you tomorrow. Go ahead and agree to a deal, we'll take the opportunity to try to recruit them if you have negotation 8-10.

-----Austin Outskirts-----Head upstairs until you can't anymore. You'll be at a locked door. Quicksave here. You've got to be fast. Your best chance here is to bash that door twice with a railroad hammer before the merc's inside initiate combat and start shooting you through the door and try to get into the hall before combat to free up your shooters. Once you've beaten the soldiers grab as much armor as you can and head back home.

-----School-----Sleep then we'll head to our meeting.

-----Abandoned Farm-----You can find this north of Splendid, west of the 283. Quicksave right away when you enter the map. Don't leave without recruiting the 4 of them. Make the deal then say whatever is required to recruit them. Stop in back at the school to drop off the meds and head back to Austin.

-----Austin Outskirts-----Go upstairs until you automatically enter combat with one person stuck in the door. You need to get them moved but you likely are going to have to kill a merc to do it. The one advantage you have here is that the person closest to the stairs up can get you out of the fight when your person stuck in the door takes too much damage. Bounce between floors, healing as needed, until you can get your guy out of the door then use the other members to bash the door down. One final trip up to heal and you should be ready for the fight properly. Make sure to get the keycard off the lieutenant on this floor to give us access to the final fight. Head home one more time to rest up for the last fight in the hotel. Once you are back head to the top floor and use the door mechanism near the doorway itself to open up and start the last fight. If you got here you shouldn't have too much trouble with this last fight since the enemies aren't nearly as tough up here. On your way out this time you should have the Lighter Keyes was carrying. Talk to Gillian again to recruit her.

-----School-----Rest up and get ready for one final looting trip of Austin.

-----Austin Outskirts-----Take as much as you can carry, starting from the top floor and working your way down. The little that's left after this trip wont be worth a return.

-----School-----At this point you should get warning on the radio that a militia has formed and is looking to kick out anyone they don't like. We'll have to take care of them soon.

-----Abandoned Camp-----Head southeast to this camp. There is a little loot and a ton of zombies. Collect what you can and head home.

-----School-----At this point we're just passing the days. Sleep and then we'll head out.

-----Oil Refinery-----Far south near the sign for rte 83 is the refinery. Approach the gate peacefully and let the guard know that Vic is here. They'll let you in to talk to Ken Nash. If you ask him for gas he'll give you a free 20 gallons.

-----School-----Stop in and sleep.

-----Militia HQ-----Where the 290 meets the 87 you can find the HQ. There aren't really that many militia members and none of them are as hard as the Austin Merc's so you should breeze through this. Make a second trip here to make sure you get everything. After this make sure not to go back to the Oil Refinery or they will be hostile to you. If you wait Ken Nash will be by next week to join up.

-----School-----Stop in and sleep.

-----Pleasant Oaks Summer Camp-----Return to the camp here and talk to Ben again. Ask him if he has anything to trade and he should have a cat for you.

-----Human Campsite-----We're just here for one thing. From where you spawn in head north until you get to the bag by the river bank. You should find some fishing poles here. Go ahead and take them and leave.

-----School-----Now that you have fishing rods, hopefully more than just the one, give them to your best survivalists and head out for a fishing trip. Any of the lakes work. Even a small amount of fish is a lot of food. Spend the full 8 hours fishing every day for awhile. We're waiting for certain things to happen so I suggest you pass the time fishing and foraging. If you want to hit more spots instead feel free. We're not going anywhere for awhile.

-----School----- END GAMEEventually the real remnants of the US army will show up asking for supplies. Feel free to do as you wish. They'll return eventually and ask for Paul to join them. If you let him then you get access to an ending where the army flies you somewhere but I personally think this ending is anticlimactic and Paul is too valuable. The morning of Day 70 Ken Nash will arrive and wish to be added to your shelter. Go ahead and invite him in. On Day 86 Walter will show up at the gate and tell you about the Nuclear Power Plant that's about to melt down. You'll have a crises event where you get to choose what to do. You might have the option here to have the military fly you out if you gave them everything they wanted. You can ignore the warning and stay, this will cause everyone to die on day 100. You can repair the plane and fly out or outfit a bus for the trip out. Either of these will result in an end fight that you need to prepare for. I chose the bus. Prepare as many people with weapons and armor as you can, as you try to escape you'll be attacked and many of your survivors will attempt to help fight. Make sure everyone has some kind of decent weapons because you don't get to choose who helps you. These fights are quite tough too so be ready.

That's it. I hope you enjoyed this great little indie game!

Copyright 2017 Rod Still.

Provisions - Official Dead State Wiki

Allies, including the Player, consume 3 Food each day, so keeping your stocks up is always a concern. Water is considered part of the food supply. In the beginning you might be able to scavenge a lot of preserved food, but don't forget about long term solutions like building a garden. Also, you have the ability to ration the provisions, but less food and water will lower morale.

Items marked with * have been updated to Patch #5.5 values.

Fresh Food expires after several days without a working fridge. The "Expires" counts the number of days that the item lasts without a fridge, the "Fridge" is how long it will last with one.

Name Value Weight Val/Lb Expires Fridge Description
Apple 1.0 0.5 2 2 5

An apple is an excellent source of nutrients.

Chicken Meat 8.0 4.0 2 2 4

Chicken meat that’s still fresh enough to be eaten.

Cheese Wheel 30 10 3 30 60

A wheel of hard cheese that has been stored properly. This is one of many soon-to-be extinct foods.

Corn 1 0.5 2 5 8

Fresh corn, still in the husk.

Dandelion 0.5 1.0 0.5 3 3

All parts of a dandelion are edible. It’s not much, but it has some nutritional value.

Egg 1.0 0.5 2 3 14

A fresh chicken egg.

Grapes 1.0 1.0 1 3 7

Fresh grapes. A great snack.

Mushrooms 2.0 1.0 2 2 7

Non-toxic wild mushrooms. An all-around decent source of vitamins and nourishment.

Orange 1.0 0.5 2 4 8

A good source of vitamin C.

Peach 1.0 0.5 2 3 7

Fresh peach gathered from a local tree.

Tomatoes 2.0 1.0 2 4 10

Tomatoes taken right off the vine.

Wild Berries 3.0 1.0 3 2 6

Edible berries picked from local sources.

Jar of Mayonnaise 2.0 3.0 0.6 7 45

Unopened mayonnaise. If nothing else, it does provide calories.

Insects 2.0 0.5 4 3 7

A handful of edible insects. Just think of them as lobsters, only much smaller. May drop morale.

Rat 2.0 0.5 4 2 6

Soon to be known as “apocalypse chicken”, some people may not want to eat this, but it’s better than going hungry. May drop morale.

Potato 1.0 0.5 2 30 60

Potato. There might not be sour cream, butter, or cheese around anymore, but this is still a decent source of calories.

Herbs 0.5 0.5 1 3 10

Not exactly bursting with calories, these are essential to turning bland foods into gourmet meals.

Fish 4 3 1.3 1 3

A fresh fish, caught locally.

Preserved food is either very dry, or consists of more preservatives than actual food. Anyhow, it's a good backup if you run low on fresh food.

Name Value Weight Val/Lb Description
Rotten Fruit 0 0.5 0

It's too moldy, even if you are starving. It might be useless, but then again, maybe not. (NOTE: used to produce Antibiotics in your Science Lab.)

Sack of Rice 40.0 20.0 2

A large sack of white rice.

Bag of Rice 10.0 5.00 2

A small bag of white rice.

Bag of Pemmican 20.0 5.00 4

A staple of Native Americans, and later explorers, it’s a concentrated block of fat, meat, and berries. High-energy food that keeps for long periods of time – enough to get used to the taste.

Bottle of Ketchup 0.5 1.0 0.5

This ketchup will enhance the flavor of other items, but that’s about it. With the world dying, the final battle between ketchup and catsup proponents may finally declare a victor.

Box of Granola 3.0 1.0 3

A box of Haul'N Oats, the hearty granola with R&B (raisins and berries).

Box of Pasta 2.0 1.0 2

A box of Uncle Werewolf brand uncooked pasta.

Flour 15.0 5.0 3

Milled flour. In the right conditions, this lasts for years.

Box of Protein Bars 24.0 5.0 4.8

An entire box of protein bars.

Can of Tuna 2.0 0.5 4

A can of tuna that reads "dolphin safe". At least the dolphins are safe.

Jerky 1.0 0.5 2

Jerky that came from one of several farm animals. At least that's the hope.

Military Rations 3.0 1.0 3

Ready-to-eat high-calorie food made specifically for the military. Keeps for years.

Box of Military Rations 36.0 10.0 3.6

A box of military rations.

Nuts 6.0 1.0 6

An assortment of nuts. Great source of protein and nutrients.

Peanut Butter 20.0 5.0 4

A large jar of JPG peanut butter. Good for sandwiches or making horses talk.

Sack of Beans 20.0 10.0 2

A large sack of dried beans.

Jar of Preserves 8.0 5.0 1.6

Pickled meats and vegetables. What once was a bar dare is now dinner.

Dried Fruit 5.0 1.0 5

A mix of different kinds of dried fruits.

Honey 5.0 1.5 3.3

Honey is a natural foodstuff and sweetener, but it also keeps indefinitely.

Powdered Milk 5.0 1.5 3.3

Granny Pantry brand powdered milk in a can. The milk you can carry in your pocket.

Jam 4.0 1.0 4

Jellied fruit preserves that should keep for awhile.

Can of Chili 3.0 1.5 2

An extra large can of Monsignor Poblano's Recon-chili-ation.

Sugar 3.0 5.0 0.6

A bag of refined sugar. Best if combined with other foods.

Box of Cereal 2.0 1.0 2

A box of Teddy O's-velt with big fiber sticks and marshmallow bull-moose.

Crackers 2.0 1.0 2

Plain, ordinary crackers. They taste better these days, but they aren't very nutritious.

Dry Beans 2.0 1.0 2

A small bag of dried beans.

Protein Bar 2.0 0.5 4

Protein bar for weight-lifters and people on the go. These are great sources of calories for the size.

Can of Soup 1.0 1.0 1

A can of Stew-Tang Clam Chowder, the soup endorsed by rappers.

Can of Spaghetti 1.0 1.0 1

A can of Noodle Chef Authentic Italian Canned Pasta Product with Balled Me-at.

Dog Food 1.0 1.0 1

Derp Dog Food. The label doesn't say anything about it being just for dogs.

Mystery Can 1.0 1.0 1

The label has fallen off this can. Don't think of it as a mystery, but an adventure.

Sham 1.0 1.0 1

A can of Sham precooked ham. Not surprisingly, its nutrition is fairly low, but it's edible.

Chips 0.5 0.5 1

A bag of Shingles potato chips.

Pork Rinds 1.0 0.5 2

A bag of Squeal Boy pork rinds.

Potted Meat 0.5 0.5 1

A can of potted meat food product. With a name like that, you know it must be food.

Ramen 0.5 0.5 1

A pack of ramen noodles. They're slightly more nourishing than shredded newspaper, but at least they taste like real food.

Morale - Official Dead State Wiki

Morale is a type of game mechanic in Dead State.

Morale is the overall feeling of the Shelter - the aggregate of every individual's mood. Because it's the apocalypse, and civilization is but a shell of its former self, there is a drain on Morale every day. However, by keeping the Shelter secure and its denizens cared for, you can cancel out this drain and keep things running smoothly. However, if Morale gets too low, individuals may start to act out, leave, or potentially even rebel against you.

Morale is what keeps people’s spirits up, preventing the pocket society they have created from breaking down. As long as Morale is positive, there is no reason for allies to become uncooperative. Story events, luxury items, and certain activities will increase Morale. Starvation, death of an ally, and killing neutral survivors out in the field will reduce Morale.

Morale is also affected by Mood, or the individual feeling of each ally. Regardless of how happy people are, Mood will always reduce Morale each day, because the reality of living after society has broken down takes its toll on each survivor. Shelter upgrades and certain ally traits provide daily Morale bonuses, which are displayed at the end of each day in the Shelter Summary.

Should Morale reach -300 at any time, Davis will express his regrets in choosing you to lead the shelter and kills you himself.

The Shelter Summary screen appears at the end of every game day, and presents a summary of the failures and successes of the day.

Morale Bonuses and Morale Penalties are always displayed in the middle section of the Shelter Summary screen.

Morale Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Influence Amount Notes
Morale gained (luxury items, etc) varies -
Allies gained +30 /new Ally -
Cat-based pest control +5 /Cat -
Witnessed paying respects +3 -
Positive morale for 7 days +10 -
Crisis Events bonuses varies -
Ally negotiation skill bonus varies -
Likeable characters varies -
Parisa: Morale Bonus +2 -
Food found bonus (>= 50) +20 -
Parts found bonus (>= 30) +10 -
Fuel found bonus (>= 20) +10 -
Antibiotics found bonus (>= 10) +5 -
Upgrades complete: (mood gained) +20 /upgrade -
Suggestion box built +20 -
Chef bonus +3 -
Custodian bonus +2 /Ally on job -
Guard Duty bonus +1 /Ally on job +5 if fully staffed
Hospitality bonus +3 +2 Morale if Jenifer
Maintenance bonus +3 -
Security Guard bonus varies -
Security Guard bonus +2 Available after Antibiotics Crisis Event
Fortified Stone Reinforced Fence bonus +5 -
Watchtower bonus +5 -
Working Toilets bonus +5 -
Working Generator bonus +20 -
Rooftop Garden bonus +5 -
Rooftop Greenhouse bonus +7 -
Mushroom Patch bonus +2 -
Recreation Room bonus +5 -
Working Well bonus +5 -

Morale Penalties[edit | edit source]

Influence Amount Notes
Morale lost (stocking spoiled food, etc.) -10 -
Allies with good mood -3 /Ally with this mood -
Content allies -5 /Ally with this mood -
Allies with okay mood -10 /Ally with this mood -
Allies with bad mood -15 /Ally with this mood -
Killed neutrals: (mood lost) -20 /Survivor -
Allies died: (mood lost) -50 /dead Ally -
Allies infected: (mood lost) -5 /infected Ally -
No Electricity -50 -
Fence Broken -200 -
Allies turned into zombie -20 /zombified Ally -

Some Allies possess certain traits that will affect daily Morale Bonuses or Penalties.

Positive Traits[edit | edit source]

Negative Traits[edit | edit source]

Allies - Official Dead State Wiki

Allies will support you in combat and keep the Shelter running - each has their own background, personality, and skills. Some allies will reveal new locations to loot. While the majority of allies are somewhat tolerant, some individuals will cause trouble. If enough allies become unhappy with your leadership, they throw you out, ending the game.

Humans[edit | edit source]

Animals[edit | edit source]

Note: Same number in the "Encounter"-field means same encounter.

Humans[edit | edit source]

Name HP AP AC Strength Agility Vigor Perception Melee Ranged Leadership Negotiation Medical Science Survival Mechanical Sub-Leader Encounter Reaction to killing neutrals
Aggro Moss 100 9 1 3 4 4 4 3 3 2 2 2 0 4 4 Dublin Bar
Aimee Sysko 120 10 2 4 5 6 3 5 1 0 2 3 0 0 4 The Wicked Lily
Anita Cass 110 8 2 7 3 5 3 5 2 0 1 2 0 3 4 Standard
Bud Larsen 90 8 0 5 2 3 5 2 7 1 0 2 0 5 0 Old Neighborhood
Carlton Harriets 160 8 3 7 3 9 3 4 1 1 1 1 2 2 4 Random
Clifford Ghaffey 100 9 1 4 4 4 5 1 6 1 0 0 0 2 2 Abilene Bullseye
Craig Sullivan 100 10 1 5 6 4 3 6 2 0 0 3 7 2 0 Random (5)
Darlene Lumpkin 110 9 2 5 5 5 7 5 6 2 1 0 0 4 3 Auto/Location (6)
Davis Cray 110 - - 3 1 5 7 0 3 0 3 4 2 1 4 Standard
Doug Schultz 110 9 2 4 4 5 5 4 6 3 0 2 2 4 2 Automatically
Effrem Montague 90 11 0 4 8 3 7 4 0 1 6 0 0 3 7 Random
Elaine Martin 100 10 1 3 6 4 5 2 0 0 4 3 0 2 0 Standard
Fiona Parks 110 10 2 4 6 5 6 5 6 0 0 3 0 3 4 Friendly Fred's
Gillian Devries 100 10 0 3 7 3 6 4 0 0 0 3 2 6 5 Austin Outskirts
Grant White 120 10 2 6 6 6 4 6 2 1 6 1 1 4 2 Random
Harold Kyun 110 10 2 4 6 5 4 4 0 0 3 3 3 5 8 Auto/Location (6)
Isobel Dee 100 9 1 3 4 4 5 5 0 4 6 2 7 0 0 Auto/Location (6)
Jenifer Strong 100 9 1 3 4 4 5 1 0 3 4 3 0 1 2 Soaring Eagle Resort
Jodie Hopkins 100 7 1 4 1 4 1 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 Carmichael's Garage
Joel Oswalt 100 8 1 4 3 4 8 3 4 0 0 1 0 1 1 Standard
Karen Landey 100 10 1 3 6 4 8 3 4 2 0 4 0 4 6 Random (5)
Ken Nash 120 - - 6 6 5 8 4 7 5 2 2 1 3 3 Oil Refinery
Lane Vibesit 90 8 0 3 3 3 4 3 6 1 2 3 4 2 5 KHCK Radio Station
Lloyd McCroskey 130 11 3 6 9 7 10 9 8 7 6 5 3 8 7 x Hamilton Airfield
Mark Corbeau 110 8 2 4 3 5 6 4 4 0 1 1 0 1 2 Truck Stop
Max Getz 130 9 3 8 5 7 4 8 0 0 0 2 3 4 2 Automatically
Melina Guzman 90 9 0 3 4 3 6 2 1 1 3 1 3 2 7 Downtown San Saba
Mia Seza 100 10 1 6 6 4 2 5 1 0 1 2 2 1 0 Pleasant Oaks Summer Camp
Michiru Yata 90 - - 3 3 3 7 0 0 0 0 8 3 0 0 Truck Stop
Nathan Harris 110 9 2 6 4 5 4 4 2 0 6 1 0 4 2 Mernard Graveyard
Oscar Guzman 120 10 2 5 6 6 4 4 1 1 1 1 2 2 4 Downtown San Saba
Parisa Sharazi 110 10 2 4 7 3 5 3 0 0 2 7 9 0 0 Militia HQ
Paul Rainier 110 11 2 6 8 5 8 4 8 6 3 3 2 6 4 x Random
Priscilla Butler 110 8 2 4 3 5 3 1 2 0 0 2 0 4 1 Automatically (2)
Regina 120 9 2 7 4 6 5 8 4 7 0 1 0 1 4 x Automatically
Renee Cass 90 9 0 3 5 3 7 1 2 0 2 5 3 4 2 Standard
Ryan Michaels 120 8 2 3 3 6 4 2 1 0 0 1 0 1 2 Truck Stop
Sandy Doubleday 100 9 1 3 4 4 5 2 4 6 5 0 0 1 1 x Mansion
Sara Seza 90 9 0 3 4 3 4 2 1 2 5 4 8 3 2 Pleasant Oaks Summer Camp
Sir Charleston 150 8 3 7 3 9 3 4 1 1 1 1 2 2 4 Random
Todd Kantell 100 8 1 2 2 4 3 1 0 4 8 0 0 0 1 x Automatically (2)
Troy Cooper 130 9 3 6 5 7 7 6 7 1 0 3 0 8 2 Random
Ulysses Ford 100 9 1 5 4 4 6 3 2 5 4 8 5 4 5 Auto/Location (6)
Vic Castillo 110 10 2 6 6 5 8 4 7 5 2 2 0 3 3 x Automatically
Walter Addison 90 - - 1 2 2 1 2 3 0 2 3 6 3 9 Automatically

Animals[edit | edit source]

Name HP AP AC Strength Agility Vigor Perception Melee Ranged Leadership Negotiation Medical Science Survival Mechanical Type Encounter
Lightning 110 19 2 6 9 5 7 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Dog Automatically
Pepper 120 19 2 6 9 6 7 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Dog Scrapyard
Samm Cats are just pest control and can't do any jobs or participate in combat, so there are no stats to display. Cat Automatically
Smoky Cat Pleasant Oaks Summer Camp

Allies can either be found at specific locations of the map, encountered while traveling, or automatically show up at the Shelter. It's not necessary to recruit allies, but generally it is beneficial to. It is also possible to kick an ally out of the Shelter after recruiting them, if so desired.

The following allies have a time limit and must be recruited before a certain expiration date:

Some of the allies can potentially be involved in problematic (usually life-threatening) situations at the Shelter. Grant White, Clifford Ghaffey and Fiona Parks are the most dangerous ones, as their associated problems will likely result in death of some other allies.

Based on their former life, each ally has different skills: Some may be good with weapons and prefer combat, others are more comfortable with building and crafting stuff. A few of them are so specialized in what they do, that they give the whole Shelter certain advantages like faster building, bigger weekly yields from the garden, or stronger defenses. Those advantages are called Traits, and can be seen in the Allies character screen. However, nobody's perfect - and therefore there are also Traits with negative effects, such as is a morale penalty for frightening or weird behavior, disadvantages against certain foes, and a higher chance to panic. Pay careful attention to your allies' Traits, and plan your day accordingly.

Allies gain skill points differently than the player: while you gain points by achieving goals, they receive one skill point for every day they are alive, and will sink that into a predetermined character path. There are ways of influencing their perks, but not directly arrange their skill and stat points. (To see what sort of path each ally follows, check out their respective pages.)

Shelter report at the and of a day See also: Mood and Morale

Maintaining positive Morale is one of the major tasks the player has to do. Morale is based on Mood, which is generated by allies, and can be thought of as the sum total of good will generated by the player. It is what keeps people’s spirits up, keeps them going, and prevents the pocket society they have created from breaking down. As long as Morale is positive, the player doesn’t have to worry about people leaving, refusing to do tasks, or being difficult in the field. Certain story events, activities, and luxury items can build up Morale. Other actions such as starvation, killing an ally, or having an ally die in the field can reduce Morale.

Each ally loses Morale every day, no matter what their Mood (although higher Mood leads to less Morale drain) – even under the best circumstances, the reality of living after society has broken down takes its toll on the survivors. There are several ranges of Mood, from Good to Disgruntled, with the least amount of Morale being lost if they have a positive outlook on their survival. Mood is influenced by player actions and events that have affected the Shelter or that ally, both good and bad. It can also be raised with Special Luxury items, each ally is individually asking for. Mood is not necessarily tied to an ally's respect for the player – for example, their Mood might drop because a loved one dies – but making people hate you is not going to do wonders for their Mood and the Shelter’s Morale. Bad Mood may even make an ally more desperate and therefore more likely to either do something dangerous or stupid, such as protesting work for the day or even committing suicide. Generally, the more their Mood drops and Morale becomes negative, the more likely it is that they will be both unhappy with your leadership and more willing to do something about it.

You can see the Mood of each ally on the Goals screen (entered by pressing "g" on your keyboard) and the morale at the end of each day in the Daily Report.

Depending on their personal skills, allies may perform different jobs at the Shelter, like building new upgrades, crafting ammunition, cooking, maintenance, garden tending and so on. Those can be assigned at the Job Board in the cafeteria. Other activities - like recreating and healing - can be attended by any ally, no matter his or her skills, and reoccurring jobs are assigned semi-permanently to an ally. They will do this job until you tell them to do something else.

Sometimes an ally will tell you that they can't work that day, because of some more or less serious problems: sickness, depression, or low Mood. While you have standard response options you can offer regardless of your skills, depending on your Leadership and Negotiation levels, you may have different options to respond to such a request - you can give them the day off, send them to work anyway, or possibly make a compromise to let them pay off the debt the next day. Keep in mind that your reaction will influence this ally's Mood. Allies can also be unavailable for jobs for a long time, because they've been assigned to do a special task, previously made a deal with you, or because they have a disability.

Allies (and you, with the Player Infection mode) can get infected during combat, and then need daily antibiotics to keep the Infection from claiming their lives: if they're without them for three days, they die. (Most survivors will ask you to put them down before they turn, but some will take the initiative to "solve the problem" on their own, so to speak.)

Of course, this is not the only way to die in Dead State. The undead could eat them, other survivors could shoot them, and they could even commit suicide or get murdered by another ally.

The moment you start to like an ally might just be the moment before a bullet hits them right in the head, so watch out.

Brian Doublebear was a temp character in Dead State's pre-Update #3 Early Access. His portrait and model are borrowed from Lloyd McCroskey.

  • Allies may be in relationships, but any relationships you might have with someone are fleeting at best.
  • While you can recruit both dogs and cats to the Shelter, you can only take dogs with you out in the field.
  • There are no children allies: the youngest potential ally is 16.
  • You can trade items with your allies in locations outside of the school by right-clicking any ally and left-clicking when you see the 'backpack icon'.

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